Art Builders Guild


Art Builders Guild is a custom furniture fabrication and design company. We like to combine traditional techniques with contemporary design to achieve beautiful, lasting products. Our scope on projects can vary from designing whole spaces to building individual pieces. We love collaborating with designers and architects.

Our process:

Once we’ve established a concept we will produce shop drawings and an estimate. If our estimate is approved then we can move on to any necessary sampling and design modifications. Once we’ve locked in a design and materials we will submit final shop drawings and a bid. If this is approved we will submit and invoice for a down payment of %70. Once we’ve received the down payment work will commence on the project. Lead times are typically between 6 and 10 weeks, depending on our workload and the size of the project. Upon completion of the scope we will submit an invoice for a final payment.


Art Builders Guild is an product of the creative community of Denver. Our founder met each of our team members at local concerts or film festivals or art shows, and our company sprouted from a desire to construct beautiful objects together. We see our company as an outgrowth of the Denver art community and our work is in the service of that community.

Furniture fabrication offers a never-ending set of problems to solve, from design work to craft. The materials we work with and the tools with which we work them are simultaneously allies and enemies. The balance of perfection elicits repetition, experimentation, research, and collaboration, and the practice ranges from meditative to deeply frustrating. Mastery of the trade is an ever-moving goal that we will always strive for. We are always learning and looking to do things we hadn’t imagined we could.

From a business perspective, ABG is designed to offer a sustainable quality of life for its team. It’s difficult to make a living as an artist, much less a decent one. ABG is attempting to position our entire team in a place where work can be a manifestation of our creative energy, but not limit our creative endeavors to the shop. That means good pay and reasonable hours. We look forward to expanding our benefits as the company grows. We take pride in our work, and necessarily in our workers.